Connect with me to embrace the power of meditation, breathwork and energetic healing.

Retrieve your Soul and your Spirit Animals.

Connect with your ancestors and with the spirits of nature. 

Blue  Wolf  Shaman

My Shamanic Work

With my deep understanding of shamanism, I guide individuals on a transformative journey towards self-discovery and healing. Through the ancient practice of shamanism, I tap into the power of consciousness to help you unlock your true potential. Drawing on my expertise in meditation and energy work, I create a safe and sacred space for you to explore your innermost being.

Born shaman, practicing shamanism since child and later on in Himalayas and Sahara, what sets my shamanic practice apart is the personalized approach I take with each client. I tailor my techniques and rituals to suit your unique needs, ensuring that every session is a truly transformative experience. From ancient healing ceremonies to guided meditations, I offer a wide range of tools that can help you reconnect with your inner wisdom and find balance in mind, body, and spirit. Trust me to guide you on your spiritual path and unlock the profound healing powers within you.

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Why work with me

Discover your Path and Purpose

Divine Guidance

Connect with your true self and receive personalized guidance through one-on-one shamanic sessions with me, a natural born shaman.

Ancient Wisdom

Experience the transformative power of ancient shamanic practices handed down through generations. Deepen your connection to nature and the spiritual realm.

Healing Energy

Harness the healing energy work. Let me guide you on a journey of self-discovery and inner healing for a balanced life.

Hello and welcome!,
I am Gon, also known as the Blue Wolf Shaman. 

I have practiced shamanism since a very young age. I lived in the Himalayas, having studied in a Buddhist school monastery where I took refuge, and lived in the higher lands with the shamans of the Tibetan Bon tradition where I took my vows as a Bonpo Shaman.
During a shamanic ritual of rebirth I was given the extraordinary experience of brain death for three days, being just a body of consciousness while clearing myself.

I am a shamanic healer, counsellor and therapist, providing soul retrieval, energy balancing and connecting consciousness through the natural elements. I also practice transcendental meditation and deep breathwork with the natural elements. No session is similar as we never know what the souls will bring. When you book a skype session, I’ll open the energetic channels and will be connected to a more cosmic consciousness that will lead and guide us through the whole session, connecting you with the whole elements of nature and the spirit’s world. 

Tutor of “high functioning” autistic teenagers, I believe that autism can be deeply related with Shamanism.

I’m the author of the book “On Consciousness – Journeys, Rituals and Meditations”, and a new one is on the way...

I was honoured with the name Karma Ludro Zangpo (“the protector – wolf like – who projects the blue light of healing”) by His Eminence Beru Khyentse Rinpoche, and by the Tibetan Bonpo Shaman, but more often people know me as Blue Wolf Shaman.

I am fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

with Love,

I’m a listed trusted shaman in the IndieShaman practitioners, where you can find shamans in your area, in case you want to participate in shamanic event

The Sessions

3 sessions (the best!)

Soul retrieval, coaching, guided meditation, breath work, healing or regression.

This is the most common pack, and the most useful, as we can go deeper on the healing, etc

1 per week, 3 weeks

Each session through Skype has 1h:30m:
investment here: £250 (€280 or US$310)

Coaching & Counselling

Counselling and coaching by email only or through Skype. Some people have only emails, others prefer a skype session once or twice per month. 

How to proceed?

Write me a brief email describing yourself if possible with a recent selfie, what you need to achieve, your country/location so we can check our time zone (my time zone is UK/Ireland), and your best work days, if am or pm. Most common hours WET for sessions are 9am to 10:30, and 5pm to 6:30pm.
(We can either start at 8am or 6pm if needed). 
(Paypal link for Donations)

1 session

Coaching, counselling, breath work, guided meditation, energetic balance or chakras alignment.

Each session through Skype is 1h:30m:

Donation: £90 (€100 or US$110)

Ritual/Prayer w/ Intention

no session, only backstage work:
Donation: £90 (€100 or US$110)

How to prepare for a session:

Each session takes around 90 mins and it will require trust, respect and focus. I will ask you to wear loose and comfortable clothing, warm temperature in your room, and to keep any distractions away from you: mobile phone in silence, no other people/pets coming in, since we will be working on energies and consciousness. 



From physical to mental health you know that everything is energy, so we can change that frequency through healing. Some people are lost or ill not knowing the source. By finding the source of the issue we can then do the healing. Here we can also go back in time to find generational, childhood or past life's traumas so you can be healed. Some of these old traumas can make you have physical illnesses, so when we find the source we'll heal the illness.

Spirit Animals

yours and how/when to call them. In shamanism we connect with the spirits of animals, and a master shaman can easily shift into one of his spiritual guide animals. Most of the times connecting to the four winds, in the four directions. Take for example the bird: the bird is the shamanic messenger, and all of us have one. A bird that can change through life, as through life we find different challenges. Some come to guide you, others to empower you, depending on what you need in this moment of your path. When you establish connection with your personal bird, you’re able to work with it.

Coaching & Counselling

Some clients don't need any specific healing etc, but need guidance, counselling or coaching as they go through any particular phase in their lives. Including guidance on how they can heal themselves, or how they can improve their lives with their partners, their own health, etc. This can be either by email or through Skype. 


I use to divide traumas in 3 kinds: 
Past Lives: when your trauma comes from your past life and was not healed;
Generational Trauma: usually passed by mother while pregnant, or even parents/family's traumas projected onto you;
Childhood trauma: your own trauma, a trauma that you went through yourself in the past. 

Daily Practice

I often give you homework so you can practice daily, including a link to pre-recorded guided meditations with around half an hour each so you can practice and stay conencted. You being connected helps me with my backstage work on you between sessions. 

Soul Retrieval

All of us, at some time in our present life or even past life, had some traumatic events, even if we are not conscious of them because our conscious mind decided to filter them.

This can bring physical illness or even feeling of detachment from one’s self, unbalance, etc. It can be the death of someone, divorce, loss, accident, etc. In these circumstances we often have our soul detached from ourselves, or part of it. A soul retrieval brings you back to yourself, often coming up as your younger self showing when and what happened, so you can heal and embrace that part that you left behind.

Energy/Chakras alignement

Apart from our spine we have also our meridian: the energetic spine that goes through our main ebnergetic spots: the chakras. From the Crown on the top of your head, to the Root, is vital to keep them aligned and well. Do you know that chakras can hold traumatic issues not allowing you to move on? The Sacral for example is where our main source of energy is stored... and blocks with guilt. By ligning and opening your chakras you can heal old shame, guilt, fears, anxieties... and even increase your will power and libido. 

Breathwork & Guided Meditation

If you book 3 sessions, on the first one you'll not only learn how to do breathwork (to sleep better, get rid of anxiety, etc) but you'll also have a private guided meditation. This allows you to feel lighter, or in a light trance, while I go into trance and will be able to scan your energy, including energetic wounds that need healing. 

Under world and Upper world

We can go there mostly through visions and dreams, but we can also go there in light trance. How to find the meanings, and how to reach them, connecting with the spirits of nature and universe through altered states of consciousness. For these journeys you should first protect yourself, as we’ll be dealing with spirits.
Here we will be visiting the underworld and we’ll be able to meet spirits of the forest and nature in general, the healing world... and while visiting the upper world, we’ll be able to connect with the wisdom of the universe and its guides.

Shamanic Course

Several people have been asking me to run a shamanic course, so I’m finally proposing a plan that I find suitable as a 1st Level course (and after that, an advanced one Level 2). Over 9 sessions this course will not only give you an introduction to shamanism, but will also enable and unlock yourself to start healing and connecting with the Universe to receive its wisdom. Note that this requires daily practice, and before you start healing others you should keep yourself healed.

If you subscribe to this course, you’re also committing yourself to always act in the kindest, most honest, altruistic and humane way possible. You’ll commit to only practice for the good of yourself and others.

In shamanism, there is no place for being judgemental, and you’ll realise with time that the more you know and achieve, the more humble you’ll become, that this is not a gift that you possess, as you’re just a tool of the Universe. Being a shaman is being at the service of the Universe for the good of all sentient beings, connecting the underworld and the upper-world as living beings that we are, made of energy, on the same frequency as the Earth we live in.

If you’re here for the first time and want to know more about me, here is a good start:
The Blue Wolf’s Path

Shamanic Course
Level 1:

This Shamanic practitioner course Level 1 will be divided into 9 sessions, over 9 weeks. Which also allows you to practice, and I’ll be available by email in case you need guidance.

Topics per session:

1 –Shamanism
2 –Sanctuary and Guides
3 –Spirit Animals
4 –Medicine Bag
5 –Consciousness
6 –Detachment and trance
7 –Healing
8 –Underworld and Upper world
9 –Soul Retrieval.

Shamanic Course

Level 2 (advanced)

For those who already finished the 1st Level of the Shamanic Practitioner Course that I’m giving, here is what you have been waiting for: the topics for the 2nd level, where we go deeper in our journey.


  • 1 –Generational trauma – rebirth;
  • 2 –Past and future lives – present;
  • 3 –Regression to past life;
  • 4 –Dealing with spirits/ghosts;
  • 5 –Death rituals;
  • 6 –Frequency and Mind Control;
  • 7 –Shadow Work;
  • 8 –Altered State of Consciousness with plants;
  • 9 –Going deeper on any topic of your choice.

For each block of 3 sessions a £270 donation is required, paid at least 1 week in advance before starting. If you prefer to pay for the 9 sessions in advance, the donation is £750. (click here for Paypal link)
And a tree: you should commit yourself to planting a tree.

At the end of the 2 levels course (9+9 sessions), which include theory and practices, you’ll receive a Shamanic Practitioner Course Certificate.

All sessions are on a 1-1 basis with Blue Wolf Shaman.

The sessions will be online through Skype, and each session can take around 1h30m.

To sign up, or if you need any more information, please send me an email.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism: from Self to Community through nature, attitude and purpose.

Shamanism is the oldest philosophy on earth, and yet, the wisest and the most refreshing one. One of the reasons is because it never became institutionalised like a common religion; the other reason is that it doesn’t have gods, but spiritual guides: nature itself. As living sentient beings we live between worlds. We are transitioning, with guides from previous lives we had, preparing ourselves for the next ones. Some living beings were here before we were born and will stay longer after we die. Trees for example. But mainly the elements that we’re made of: water, air, fire and earth. And light. Even before humanity there was the underworld and the upper-world. And between worlds we are just bodies of energy.

In this life we have though, we’re not only bodies of energy: on the same frequency of the Earth, we also become bodies of matter. Bodies that are transient, impermanent. Bodies that are frail and can become ill. Bodies that need healing, as much as our own consciousness.

Finally we have our minds, the connection between our physical brains and consciousness, that are here to help and serve us. This is why it’s so urgent to clear these connections that the world has been neglecting and challenging. This is the neglect that often causes more than physical illness, since it disconnects us from our own consciousness, creating also illness of the mind. And consciousness, is essential for us to live, to listen to, as it is consciousness – our higher self – that connects and brings the wisdom of the Universe onto us. That brings information from our past lives, and that will carry information to our next.

In this life of ours, we should do everything in our power to remain healed and build a kinder life, so we can have a wiser one on the next stage. To connect with nature and its spirits. And as we heal ourselves, we should also do whatever is possible to bring kindness and healing to all other sentient beings: fellow humans, animals and plants.

This comes to help you to heal yourself and others on both body, mind and consciousness itself. Connecting your higher self with the Earth and with the Universe. To find our own balance in this transient life of ours. To be of service to others.

To find our purpose and meaning of life. All this and much more, as you silence your mind and allow yourself to go into a trance state to connect with the deep wisdom of the Universe.

To be a shaman, you first go through a lengthy shamanic apprenticeship of many years, only then your master shaman will let you know when you’re ready. Usually a shaman is focused only in one discipline: healer, spirit or any other matter. A master shaman is the one who wisely deals with all the matters. To become a shamanic practitioner you need to show ability to go into trance or altered consciousness so you can access the spirit world, either to become a healer, or to contact the spirits.

In shamanism we don’t pray or ask: we are the Universe, and we instruct, as tools of the Universe, connected through our own consciousness to the cosmic consciousness.

The Blue Wolf's Path

When I was born I immediately went into a coma. I rejected my mother’s blood, so I had my first three weeks of life to decide if I wanted to stay or leave, or what my path would be. At the 7th blood transfusion I decided to accept and live. From there, my life followed a path that was probably full of challenges that I always took as wonderful opportunities. It was not the only time that I was in this limbo between life and afterlife. Later in life, I went into a coma for three days. A coma that I created and made it happened through a shamanic ritual, so I could understand my life’s path. A necessary rebirth.

I remember very well my birth though, as if it was yesterday. Those three weeks that I took as my first deep transcendental meditation. A time I needed to find silence and understand my new life in this body, on this Earth. The birth of someone can be highly traumatic, in fact, we are born from trauma, and that was what I decided to clear in myself. We spend 9 months in the element of water, protected in darkness. The moment we come out, we go through contractions expelling us to a brand new world: the element of Air, smells, light, noise, etc that we didn’t know before. And you cry.

Being autistic made me different, and in shamanic old cultures, being autistic can be taken as a new shaman. I started talking quite late, and did so because I needed to ask deeper questions, as I became an avid reader of encyclopaedias at very young age. I remember running away from home on a daily basis to go run and play in the forest nearby. My father would go find me lying down on the floor “listening to the roots of the trees communicate with each other”. It was explained to me then that what I “hear” was the frequency and the sound waves of the Earth itself. By the time I was 4 years old, I was aware of frequency, sound waves and energy. Of the Earth, of the trees. Of the underground and underworld, often getting lost looking up to the sky while connecting with the earth. I felt being a connection of both worlds. As if I was part of some mycelium network. I realised the effects of the moon and planets on us. I was connected, not with my family, but with my higher consciousness, and cosmic consciousness. It was then that I realise that my mind could work for me, instead of me being a slave to it as most people are.

I was a body of energy more than a body of matter. And soon enough, I realised that I could change the frequency of my body, or even someone else’s. When someone complained that they’re ill, I would change their frequency making them healthy again. It was natural in me, not even being aware of that. I was healing people without telling them or even being aware myself. I lived in my own silent world, and I was happy doing these healings, making people’s lives better, not telling them. I knew that what I was doing was not “normal”, and most probably I wouldn’t be taken seriously, or even worst, I would probably become the “weird” guy. Teenage years came and I started testing my limits, like any teenager does. But my limits, my self testing, were different. There were a lot of challenges within that I worked through in silence. I was hiding my true self from society, and I lived that way for long time. Meanwhile I became an artist, and I started to use my paintings as a portal of energy, so whenever someone would buy one of my paintings or photographs, I could use it to change the frequency of the houses where they lived, and healing the people who lived there. I was creating my own network, as a mycelium network.

I was probably 8 yo when I started collecting every single article and seeing every single documentary about forests, with a particular interest in the Amazon… which led to shamanism, and then to shamanism in different cultures. I was secretly diving into a world that I knew. With flashes of my previous lives.
At night, my father would go to my bedroom to pray with me, but he eventually gave up, because I was always busy listening to an old woman, a boy, a man, etc who would come and sit at my bed. My father then told me they were spirits in limbo, that if I would greet them and listen to them, they would become my guardian angels. But that was what I was doing already: greeting them, because if they came to me, it meant that they trusted me and they needed me so they could move on. I never stopped having these visitors, and later on I realised that I was creating my own network in the spirit world. Guiding lost souls who died with unfinished business. During the days healing people in silence, during the nights guiding the lost spirits. I was happy, silently happy. The challenges were not on this level, the challenges were being part of the living world, in society, with humans and their sometimes nonsensical NeuroTypical rules and expectations, which has always been the most difficult part for an autistic person, even a “High Functioning Autistic”.

I realised then that my brain was another mycelium network, that I could rewire, taking advantage of it. My mind became another world that was working for me, guided to do whatever I instructed. Working together with both sides of the brain. Rational mind and intuition.
My balance has been always found “in between”. I live in between worlds, as some people say. And that’s why it’s so easy for me to move from one to another, even though when alone I tend to go deeper into my higher consciousness.

When I finally went to the Himalayas to live in a monastery, and afterwards with the Bon Shamans in the higher mountains, my high was overwhelming. I was finding some inner happiness, and trust, the opposite of fear that I experienced before in the western society so full of religious judgement. I discovered that I could be free there in my own world, because that world made me feel safe for the first time. When I came back, I brought that inner safety with me, even though my next years were the challenge itself: facing western society while dealing with my “new” high. I had to live again between worlds, just being an artist to the others… while working alone by myself in secret on my shamanic path.

I was always called wolf because of my way of protecting others. When I was in the monastery though, my master gave me a name when I took vows and explained it: “it means wolf because of your protective power, and blue because of the light you spread”. When later on I went to the higher mountains to live and learn with the shamans, they started calling me the Blue Wolf.
When I started going to the Sahara to learn and share with the Tuareg shamans there, they also called me the Blue Wolf. When I finally came out as a shaman, I was already a master shaman.

For many years in my youth, I had this vivid lucid dream that I was being chased by a blue wolf, running around in circles on the top of a mountain. I would wake up sweating. When I finally had my own place, the dream came back but with a twist: I realised that in fact I was running away from myself, and this time I realised too that the wolf was me and my own protection. I became the wolf myself. The Blue Wolf. As I finally made peace with myself. As that was maybe the biggest challenge I had in life. The fear I had, was not the society’s but of my own self. The day I embraced my higher self, I’ve made peace. And I found my purpose.

When I started sharing, when I started doing sessions as shaman, I found the meaning of my life. By giving away my own gift, by sharing it with others so one by one I could make a better world. And that had to start with me. Embracing who I am, so I could embrace others. Because others can be a projection of oneself. If we want others to be better, we should first make ourselves better, on a daily basis. In a life long commitment. True to oneself the best way we can. On the best path we can open for ourselves and for others.

This dynamic became the secret of my inner balance and happiness. As the Blue Wolf Shaman.

One of the reasons I love to do the shamanic sessions, healing people with physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual issues, is that I not only heal them, but I end up making their lives better, their family/friends/co-workers better. Because when you find peace within you, you spread, you expand that peace. You become light. And when you’re light, you end up lit up whatever darkness you find in your way.
Making the world a better place, one by one, starting with myself, expanding some consciousness and peace.

From Pluto with Love.


Contact me now

Contact me today for personalized assistance with all your needs. I am here to help!




I highly recommend one or more sessions with Blue Wolf Bonpo. I have experienced guided meditation, unblocking energies and healing sessions which all have helped me immensely to personnally heal and grow. And be in a much better place now. Forever grateful.



Gonzalo es fantástico, en mis vacaciones en Portugal el año pasado me hizo una sanación con piedras, humo y cristales, con esto me ayudo a mejorarme de mis riñones. Después de 1 año puedo decir que me curo. lo recomiendo 100% y me encanta saber que ahora por medio de esta pagina va poder ayudar a muchas otras personas. Gracias Gonzalo :)



Would highly recommend a healing session with Bonpo Gon. I took 3 sessions on skype and had wonderful experience in each session. I feel more relaxed, balanced and happier since the healing. He is a nice person and amazing healer.



I first contacted Gon to further my understanding of Shamanic practices. Through the sessions that I had with Gon he supported my personal develop and also helped me to overcome some personal barriers in my life. Gon not only worked online with me and my family, but he continued some of the work behind the scenes. Gon is a truly beautiful and wise human being and I am very grateful to have made a connection with him.



Gon and I connected incredibly from the very beginning. I am truly grateful to Gon and the journey I went through with him. I was truly lost and disconnected when I started my journey and honestly, I was not what the outcome would be, but I can confidently say that I feel better than I have felt in a very long time. I know it can be tough to trust someone, especially when you are in a vulnerable state, but I can genuinely say that you can trust Gon and he will guide you through your healing. I never imagined that I would feel this kind of peace and connection ever. I have gained a new perspective and healed immensely internally and to me, that is worth everything!

Blue Wolf Gon, thank you so much!



I want to start with saying that words cannot describe the incredible work this man is doing. The healing is very intense and impactful. I came across Gon in the summer time when I was in a period of time where nobody could help me because nobody knew what was “wrong” with me and I felt very isolated and alone not knowing what was happening with me. I previously worked with many shamans and healers. The big difference between others and Gon is the approach that he uses with an open heart and acceptance, both to you and your issues. Also that the change is visible and permanent. After already the first session I felt that my whole energy had shifted. This man knew exactly what to do. I felt safe and felt that I could open up in a space of deep understanding. Now after approximately 5 months of work with Gon I can say that all areas of my life have changed for the better and I couldn’t be more grateful to know Gon as he is always there to help, no matter if it’s an spiritual issue or just guidance in which direction to turn to in life.


13/07/2022I have an issue with recurring injuries so I booked 3 sessions with Gon to try to find out the cause behind them. Within 3 weeks they were no longer causing me issues and the emotional stuckness I was feeling in my life was transformed. Gon is incredibly warm and friendly, patient and generous and I look forward to working with him again soon.


Marcin and Kasia


Nowadays I recommend Bonpo Gon to whomever I can. He’s helped our son who is very sensitive and who was struggling heavily with compulsive behaviour which was heartbreaking to witness. After first session we already noticed significant improvement in his behaviour, repetitive patterns are basically gone, he became a much happier boy. We can’t thank him enough for what he’s done to help him and us. He is a kind hearted and amazing human being. Thank you Gon!



I had 2 sessions with Blue Wolf Bonpo via Skype. At first I was a little nervous but he made it easy for me to feel at ease. He was able to help me with general anxiety and get more grounded helping me find my roots.
I would do it all over again without hesitation.



I would thoroughly recommend Gonzalo , He is an experienced Shaman and a good supportive listener . His advice is both practical and spiritual . He has taught me how to care for myself as well as others . Gonzalo is kind, approachable and caring and a one hour session with him seems to go far too quickly as I find I have not only been healed but have learnt more about Shamanic practice .



From the very first email with Gon, he was quick to help me with a problem that had been causing me pain for a few weeks, my doctor had been no help in the matter. It was an extremely appreciated gift! I booked the healing sessions with Gon, if you are an anxious person, he makes you feel comfortable and relaxed so there is no need to worry. He also has a good sense of humour which is a bonus :) The healing sessions have helped me more than I could have hoped, anyone that feels lost and suffers with anxiety should definitely speak to him, he can help you on so many levels and is always there when you need him. I’ve felt more happy and in touch with myself than I ever had before, I am extremely thankful for his help and guidance.



Just in the ‘nic of time.
Gon asks, “how did you find me” and i replied “how did you find me?” 
What an amazing experience, and continued support. It’s been the best exchange i’ve ever had with someone that i’ve never met.
It’s almost 2 months since our initial conversation, i am a reborn man that’s for sure.
GON, again i thank you with all my heart!



Gon was skillful in helping me re-connect to myself and others. He has a beautiful balance of speaking openly from his heart interwoven with communicating logically. I am so grateful for his willingness to ‘dive deep’ with himself to increase his capacity to navigate ‘diving deep’ with others. It’s clear that he consistently pushes himself to grow his knowledge & presence. So grateful for his openness in sharing his extensive knowledge, his incredible skills, and his open heart. Spending time with Gon was far beyond worth the investment. <3 He is thoughtful, connective, & powerful. Gon has the skills & openness to help you transform your life.

Paul S


I can not recommend Gon enough. I was brought to him in early 2020, at the start of the lockdown. I was struggling with addiction, seperation and very very confused about my spiritual path. I had a few very beneficial sessions with him before taking the Shamanic practitioner course in 2022. I now am clean from substances for 2 years, happy and learning to love myself more everyday but most of all I’m no longer a prisoner to mind and walking my path in flow, wiser, stronger, better. Thanks Gon, words cant Express my friend



Wouldn’t recommend anyone else other than Blue Wolf Bonpo for the healing. Before the healing I felt disconnected from everyone close to me, as well as my job. Since the healing I have re-found myself as a person and found peace, which, in turn, has improved my mental health dramatically and feel my self once more.



I have had 1 meditation session at present which i will definitely be booking another session. Meditation was very empowering & even days later i feel very uplifted and very connected. My mind keeps wondering back to it & feels so peaceful. I found Bonpo very easy to talk to & would highly recommend

Kit Roberts


I read a couple of books about a Shaman and was intrigued – I wanted to find a Sharman to support me in becoming more open. Tricky! How do you know who is ‘good’? Of course, I Googled! Blue Wolf (the name itself gave me a clue – this one is experienced) sounded perfect. So, I got in touch and after some email exchanges (ahhhh, he responds speedily – good sign), booked 3 sessions.
Words are not always adequate when describing transformational experiences, but over the period of 3 weeks profound changes have occurred. I have reconnected with my higher self, gained tremendous insights and had some profound conversations as well as vivid and deep periods of meditation.
In terms of ‘value for money’, you obviously pay for the direct session. What you don’t see, but need to know is work to support you goes on in the intervening periods, so that further adjustment and alignment takes place. In other words, you are probably buying something like 10 hrs of support per week, not just 2! Very good value.
Finally, having read through the other very positive reviews and worked directly with Blue Wolf myself, it is important to highlight his almost liquid ability to adapt and flex to the needs of each individual. He creates space for a tailor made, bespoke experience.
Simply and honestly – he is a great guy.
I recommend him to all who are searching….

Night Owl


Late Ross HEAVEN led me to Blue Wolf. Things happen for a reason and that is how my journey began.I discovered a funny, complex and charismatic personality, behind those fascinating eyes one can see on his website.
I was cursed at a very young age and nobody understood what was wrong with me.I have been carrying aliens things within my body for years.
And just out of the blue, our paths crossed and here I am expressing my Gratitude to The Only One who just saved my life : Blue Wolf Shaman.
He brought back my Light, my Inner Powers, removed the evil from my body, healed me effortlessly.
He is the Real Deal, I do recommend 100%. I found his methods very efficient, easy to follow and to understand.
Today I am ready to face any challenges, just because I AM ; Fire-AIR-Water-Earth, Energy(So Above so below).

In this Aquarius Era, we need Healers, Therapists, Shamans, no matter how you call it, practitioners like him. Openminded and ready to help without judgement .

Eternally grateful Gon !!!

Thank you.

Vlad Vulchev


Healer & Master Shaman. Gon is the energy power healer you are looking all your life. If you fear to work with a Shaman – don’t be. I promise you, this man is a Gift, and will heal you in a way no other ever will. Contact him, share your issues, and you will receive help. If you are here, this means you consider working with him. Take the step. Trust, and you will not regret. Your Life will change in a divine way, and you will find your purpose. Healed, full of love and beautiful things will start to happen in your life.
Trust Gon & work with him.

Blue Wolf Shaman

June Staff


I would highly recommend a healing or meditation session with Blue Wolf Bonpo. I was fortunate enough to experience an elemental energy re-balancing – aligning the elements of nature to my physical being, and of course affecting me on all levels. I was left feeling more relaxed, balanced and connected to the earth – the sensation of being more solidly grounded and rooted in the earth was immediate. He gave me advice for meditation to maintain this balance and connection, which I now use daily to good effect.
To anyone considering a session with Blue Wolf Bonpo I would say do not hesitate – if you are ready to receive the many gifts he has to offer then you will benefit greatly.

Javier Galeano Pájaro


He tenido varias sesiones de healing y han sido de gran ayuda, realmente mi nivel de consciencia se ha elevado, me siento más conectado conmigo mismo. La sensación de tranquilidad permanece por días y cuando me siento ansioso recurro a los ejercicios recomendados por Blue Wolf Bonpo. Algo que me ha gustado mucho es la cantidad de sueños vívidos y reveladores que he tenido luego de las sesiones, me ayudan a comprender situaciones de la vida diaria que muchas veces paso por alto. Absolutamente recomendado.

Chris Fonseca


Conocí a Gon hace dos años en un arriesgado viaje por europa. Tuve la oportunidad, no solo de compartir sus increíbles enseñanzas, sino de iniciar un nuevo viaje esta vez energético y de trasformación. Desde entonces su cariño, amistad y cuidado han sido un camino de auto-descubrimiento, reflexión y conexión conmigo y mi entorno. Fue sin duda una experiencia que estuvo cargada de aíres novedosos y tranquilizantes que necesitaba en mi vida. Gracias Blue Wolf



I highly recommend BlueWolf Gon as a healer and counselor. I was greeted with a wonderful personality, and sense of humor, combined with immense compassion. I was searching for information for a student when I found his site by “accident”. I had a major operation scheduled before I knew about him. When I saw the power in his face and eyes I knew he was more than the usual healer. So by synchronicity and the urging of my higher self, I booked some sessions.
In spite of a full schedule, he included the surgery in addition to his usual healing sessions. His caring and healing powers included his presence during the operation for a successful outcome. The nurses, attendants were amazed at how well I walked 1 hour after I awoke from the operation.
He continued extra healing sessions which could be felt, resulting in progress that surpassed other patients and impressed by everyone that saw me. His level of work and training has touched me deeply.

Alexandra Kane


I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for Gon! I have started to experience and feel so much that I never knew was possible before.

My journey with shamanism began a few months ago and I found Gon (somehow!) and I am so glad I did.

Gon helps me work through anxieties, self doubt, fears and uncertainties. I am becoming more humble, positive, successful and happy with every session I have with him. I am learning to silence my mind and beginning to learn how I can help myself and others through my work with animals.

I would highly recommend Gon to anyone and everyone looking for their inner peace; for those struggling with personal issues or anyone seeking their own path in life.

I look forward to our weekly sessions and feel grateful that I have the opportunity to learn with a true Master. Gon is so easy to talk to; he is relatable, kind and non judgemental. He is patient and a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. The Blue Wolf Shaman is genuine and a blessing.

Thank you Gon